Wishing you a HAPPY PIANO DAY, every day!

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Piano lovers, it’s that special International Piano Day time of year again! We have celebrated Piano Day in many ways in the past with shared lists of unusual pianos, collections of all things piano and more. This year, to commemorate…Read More

Learn to Love Jazz

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Next time you’re with a group of people who are at all interested in music, insert the word “jazz” into the conversation and observe how they respond. For every person who pricks up their ears, there will probably be a…Read More

You & Your Instrument – Acoustic Pianos

Written by Vincent Tarin & Gordon Harvey on

In the first article in this series, we discussed the choice between digital and acoustic pianos. For those considering a digital piano, we included some advice, but as to the purchase of an acoustic piano, we decided that dark art…Read More

Study of a Song – How to Make Gravy

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Although he’s spent quite a lot of time in the USA and elsewhere, Paul Kelly is not necessarily a household name worldwide. Here in his native Australia, this everyman poet is an unofficial Living National Treasure, one of our most…Read More