Story of a Song: Happy Birthday & How to Play It!

Written by Gordon Harvey on

This month we celebrate a birthday of an unusual kind. You might call it the birthday of the right to properly celebrate birthdays. And surprisingly, it’s just a first birthday, because on June 30, 2016, after a very long and…Read More

Make Practice Perfect

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Can you think of any activity in your life that you were perfect at the very first time you did it? Here are a few things that that applies to for me: Contactless credit card payments Using velcro Wearing shoes…Read More

‘Less is More’ – One Chord Songs

Written by Gordon Harvey & Gretta Dunn on

I once attended a workshop with the British singer Sheila Chandra in which she sang a whole bunch of songs from various world cultures over a two-note drone. It was amazing the rich variety of sounds that flowed from such…Read More

Notable Portrayals of Musicians & Composers in Film

Written by Daniel Kielman on

The Playground has previously posted a list of some of films worth watching in which our favorite instrument, the Piano, was featured prominently. Following up on that post, I’d like to share some notable films that not only featured pianos,…Read More

Meet the Team – Dwight Chesbro

Written by Daniel Kielman on

We asked Dwight Chesbro some questions to gain some insight into his role here at Simply Music, what lights him up musically and some facts that make him the person he is. Your full name: Dwight Chesbro When did you…Read More