My Story with the Blues [Robert Relly]

Written by Robert Relly on

Intro: Music of the last hundred years would sound completely different without the Blues. You may have a certain picture in your mind when you think of blues music, but you may not realise how diverse the genre actually is,…Read More

You & Your Piano: Caring for Your Piano

Written by Guest Contributor on

For a machine, a piano can sometimes be almost like a living thing. It can seem to have behaviours that change with the seasons and the years and the places it lives. Like a family member, it can behave differently…Read More

Story of a Song – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Music, like most art, is not as original as it may seem. With the new CGI animated Lion King coming to cinemas this summer, what better time to look at the creation and history of a timeless song, The Lion…Read More

Music Reading – A Video from Neil Moore

Written by Simply Music on

Perhaps the most common question people have about Simply Music is “How can you learn music without reading?” Of course, we do teach you to read, but not until we consider it to be the best time for you to…Read More