A Study in Songwriting: Pt 4 – Gordon Harvey

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Songwriting doesn’t have to be done balancing pen, paper, guitar and coffee cup on your lap. In fact, most modern pop music is constructed on the computer from the get-go. Gordon Harvey outlines this process through the example of a…Read More

A Study in Songwriting – Pt 3: Jennifer Lee

Written by Jennifer Lee on

Simply Music Teacher Jennifer Lee continues the conversation about writing songs with a reflection on how simple projects can be the unexpected beginnings of great inspirations, including some of the wonderful songs on her forthcoming album. For me, I’m certain…Read More

Neil & Will Henshall from [email protected] – Interview

Written by Neil Moore on

Will Henshall is a successful songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, researcher and infectious personality. He’s also the developer of [email protected], a program that uses specially-designed music to improve focus and productivity. In this wide-ranging chat, Neil Moore speaks with Will about…Read More

A Way of Listening – Happy Songs: Pt 1

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Recently I read an article by music educator and prolific blogger Ethan Hein called The Happiest Chord Progression Ever, citing The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” as the example of a triumphantly happy song, made so in part because…Read More

Lullabies – Why Do I Sing Them to My Son?

Written by Stephanie Iadanza on

As far as we know, parents have always sung their children to sleep. It’s understood that for a young child the melodies and rhythms of simple songs add to the already profoundly comforting experience of a familiar voice. And the…Read More