‘Meera’ – More Than Just A Building

Written by Unmani on

For a lot of music teachers, ‘studio’ is simply a clearing in a living room or spare room, and that can be a wonderful, comfortable, welcoming place to play and learn. But for one of our Simply Music teaching community…Read More

A Repurposed Piano Can Make Art, Furniture & More

Written by Stephanie Iadanza on

The other day, Leon, Neil Moore’s son and my coworker, shared this super cool image of an old repurposed piano in our office chat [We use a software called Slack to communicate across the Simply Music Team]. And it totally…Read More

My Story with the Blues [Robert Relly]

Written by Robert Relly on

Intro: Music of the last hundred years would sound completely different without the Blues. You may have a certain picture in your mind when you think of blues music, but you may not realise how diverse the genre actually is,…Read More