The World of Music in a Few Clicks

Written by Daniel Kielman on

I previously wrote an article for the playground discussing how the way you listen to music compensates the artists that create it. But putting aside that issue, streaming music services are worth exploring if only for the huge selection of…Read More

DJ Sasha – From the Booth to the Barbican

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Sasha is one of the most successful and respected DJs and electronic music producers in the world. A multiple award winner and Grammy nominee, he has performed worldwide to huge audiences and remixed artists like Madonna, Seal and Hot Chip….Read More

Story of a Song: Happy Birthday & How to Play It!

Written by Gordon Harvey on

This month we celebrate a birthday of an unusual kind. You might call it the birthday of the right to properly celebrate birthdays. And surprisingly, it’s just a first birthday, because on June 30, 2016, after a very long and…Read More

Make Practice Perfect

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Can you think of any activity in your life that you were perfect at the very first time you did it? Here are a few things that that applies to for me: Contactless credit card payments Using velcro Wearing shoes…Read More