Make Your Buds Blossom

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Although music is generally considered a social activity, I also treasure the personal experience of private listening. One of my favourite times to listen is when I’m out walking. Music always takse me to another emotional place, even while strolling…Read More

Songwriting Tips – Pt 2: A Study in Songwriting

Written by Sue Lopez on

After our Songwriting Tips from Simply Music Friends – Pt 1 post, we asked contributors to give us a more in-depth insight into their process of creating songs. You’ll find that there are as many ways of writing a song…Read More

Chords – Who, What, Where, How & So What?

Written by Elizabeth Gaikwad on

In search of the first chord Have you ever wondered when the first ever chord was played? How did it happen? Where did it happen? What is a chord? And what is its importance in understanding Western Music? This article…Read More

Discover New Music in the Streaming Era

Written by Gordon Harvey & Daniel Kielman on

If you’re as old as I am, you might remember a now largely vanished delight: walking into a record store and being instantly struck by something fantastic being played over the speakers, or seeing a cool-looking album beckoning to you…Read More

Meet the Team – Stacie Davison

Written by Stephanie Iadanza on

We asked Stacie Davison some questions to gain some insight into her role here at Simply Music, what lights her up musically and some facts that make her the person she is. Your full name: Stacie Lynn Davison When did…Read More