Songwriting Tips from Simply Music Friends’ – Pt 1

Written by Multiple Guest Contributors on

Our wide-ranging and talented community of Simply Music Teachers and associates include an array of gifted professional songwriters and composers. We asked a bunch of them to share a little about how they work. We found that there are as…Read More

Doing Simple Things Well – Part 1

Written by Gordon Harvey on

My teenage son makes an awesome cup of coffee. He bought himself a ’70s percolator and spent a considerable time experimenting with different techniques, grinds, brewing times and who knows what else. Now that he’s got his chops down, it’s…Read More

Simply Music Gateway – Opening Musical Doors For Everyone

Written by Karen Nisenson MM, MA, BCMT on

We are overjoyed to finally make the Simply Music Gateway Program available to Simply Music Teachers and their students. In this post Karen Nisenson, its creator (along with Neil Moore) talks about the benefits of musical self-expression for those with…Read More

Meet the Team: Gretta Dunn

Written by Stephanie Iadanza on

There have been many professional and semi-professional musicians on the Simply Music team. Gretta Dunn is one of them, forging a growing career as an alt-country singer-songwriter (as Gretta Ziller) around her work for us. We asked her some questions…Read More

Lynn Kleiner – A Lifetime of Musical Beginnings

Written by Gordon Harvey on

At Simply Music, we are committed to music as a whole-of-life experience, starting from birth, and even earlier. Although the focus of the Simply Music Piano program is obviously about playing the instrument, children don’t need to wait until their…Read More