A Way of Listening – Autumn Leaves

Written by Gordon Harvey on

In our last discussion about the diversity of Jazz, we cast a very broad net to show how varied music can be under the jazz umbrella. This time I thought we could explore just how varied can be the interpretations…Read More

Neil Moore’s 2016 Year End Address

Written by Neil Moore on

  With Gratitude and Appreciation With the onset of 2017, Simply Music enters its 20th year! And with only a few weeks left in 2016, I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude and appreciation. This has…Read More

Seasonal Songs – 2016

Written by Gordon Harvey on

We’ve already shared our favourite songs from seasonal celebrations, so for something different, we thought we’d celebrate the seasons themselves, with some of our favourite songs for each season. See which ones transport you to another time of year. Here…Read More

Karen Nisenson on Tim Topham TV – Interview

Written by Simply Music on

  Karen Nisenson was recently the subject of a video podcast with Tim Topham. This wide-ranging and entertaining chat gave Karen the opportunity to discuss the philosophy and methodology of Simply Music Gateway, the groundbreaking new program being developed for…Read More

Painted Pianos

Written by Stephanie Iadanza on

Some human beings just can’t get enough creativity. It’s not enough to have the most amazing music machine to play, now it seems there’s the irresistible urge to get visually creative with it as well! Perhaps inspired by the wonderful…Read More