The Relationship Conversation for Parents

Written by Neil Moore on

  Simply Music Founder and Executive Director Neil Moore has devoted decades to the possibility of music as a lifelong companion. He has spoken to countless parents who share this vision but are still echoing outdated mindsets that don’t encourage…Read More

A Way of Listening – The Diversity of Jazz

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Welcome to A Way of Listening, an occasional series where we look at music from a range of angles designed to open you up to new listening opportunities and hopefully teach you a little along the way. It’s a big,…Read More

Recording Yourself Part 4 – Sharing Your Recordings

Written by Gordon Harvey on

In previous posts we have discussed some benefits, learning value and methods of recording yourself, mostly from the perspective of developing your own playing. But what if you feel the urge to share your work? The playing field of recorded music…Read More

Dyslexia & the Simply Music Method

Written by Greta Moré on

Long-standing Simply Music Teacher Greta Moré from Sydney, Australia shares her story of growing up with a unique life outlook that drew her naturally to Simply Music, and her experience teaching the program to students with dyslexia. Drawing from her…Read More

Ted Talks and More on Music & Creativity

Written by Gordon Harvey on

A picture is worth 1000 words, but a 1000-word online talk is free! Here’s a selection of interesting and informative Ted Talks and other Talks about music and creativity. Enjoy! 1. Daria van den Bercken: Why I take the piano…Read More