Having the ‘Blues’ Never Felt So Good – Piano Tutorial

Written by Laurie Richards on


From their earliest lessons, Simply Music students know how fun and easy it is to get into real, authentic-sounding blues piano pieces.They also learn that there are lots of ways to vary and develop their first blues projects with cool extra touches. Actually, if you ask a professional blues player, chances are they will say that these “extras” are what it’s all about. They call them blues licks, and a good piano player always has a collection of them in their repertoire. They can throw them into any piece at any moment, making every song unique and fresh every time. In this video, Laurie Richards shares some great-sounding variations ready-made for the earliest Simply Music pieces and shows us how to place them for maximum effect.


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  • sjlarsen

    Laurie, you make it look like so much fun! I can’t wait to try my own blues licks.

    • Laurie Richards

      Thanks Sandy! Anyone could do this, for sure.

  • Hi Laurie, we are eager to add some blues to our piano tutorial library at http://www.ripbeat.com Do you happen to create MIDIs of the songs you play? Do you mind creating a profile at RipBeat and uploading some of your songs there? As a tip: You can edit your profile and add links to your page, that way members of the RipBeat community can learn of your site. Good job.

  • Arthur Glover

    That was very nice. I really liked the video!

  • Cheri Schulzke

    Very fun, Laurie! Your Jackson & Light Blue riffs are absolute favorites with all my students. Fantastic to get a refresher on those two, plus several more ideas. Thanks so much!