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So You Want to Play in a Band (Part One)

Written by: Ray Nelson “I can’t count how many times over my teaching career I have heard students say this. There is such an interest out there to be able to play in a band together with other musicians and yet I have often wondered…


Choosing an Instrument – How to Pick your Piano

Did you know that piano sales have increased this year!! The New York Times reported a resurgence in ‘at home music making’ with sales of digital pianos increasing by 30% and acoustic pianos increasing in the used market! Which begs the question … should you…

Simply Music Student – Jaclyn Holmes

Jaclyn Holmes is 11 years old and has been learning Simply Music piano for about four years/195 lessons. She’s currently in the middle of Level 10 and is just beginning the Jazz and Accompaniment 2 programs. To make sure she has plenty of opportunities to…