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Choosing an Instrument – How to Pick your Piano

Did you know that piano sales have increased this year!! The New York Times reported a resurgence in ‘at home music making’ with sales of digital pianos increasing by 30% and acoustic pianos increasing in the used market! Which begs the question … should you…

The 3 Keys to Benefitting from Composing & Improvising, Part 2: The What

Photo Credit: Trusty Joe –   Creating your own original music is one of the most beneficial aspects of studying an instrument and being a musician. In Part 1, I talked about two of the three keys to reaping those benefits. First was understanding…

Creative Coaching – Performance

We’re excited to launch the Creative Coaching Series, programs designed for both students and teachers to deepen and broaden the music learning experience. The first title, from our Director of Programs Gordon Harvey, looks at the sometimes scary prospect of performing for others. In this…