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Robert Relly

My Story with the Blues [Robert Relly]

Intro: Music of the last hundred years would sound completely different without the Blues. You may have a certain picture in your mind when you think of blues music, but you may not realise how diverse the genre actually is, and how it has seeped…

Katie Knipp

Teacher, Singer, Songwriter & Mother, Katie Knipp hits the Billboard Charts [Interview]

Leon Moore sits down with Sacramento-based Simply Music Piano Teacher and Blues artist, Katie Knipp and discusses her latest album, “Take It With You”, her recent SAMMIE award win (think of it like the Sacramento Grammys) and becoming a Billboard featured artist. Katie, a teacher…

Teaching the Blues Scale & Improvisation – A Video from Neil Moore

Were you ever wowed by the wizardry of a blues musician? Really, anyone can achieve an authentic blues sound with a few basic tools. Using some very simple tools Blues can be taught to entry-level students with great success. One of these tools, the principle…