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This Dream of You – Diana Krall [Album Review]

Think of the word “jazz” and chances are you’ll picture something like a smoky bar with a small group of guys hunched intensely over their instruments. Or perhaps a concert hall with an ensemble of tuxedo-clad men swinging through Tin Pan Alley standards. What you…

The World of Music Apps – Shazam, Garageband & Bubble Harp – Review

The amazing success of the iPod, iPhone and iPad has unleashed an avalanche of software for every imaginable interest. Music has proven a hugely popular area, generating thousands of apps, many of which are genuinely useful and innovative. We’ll highlight more apps in future editions…

a world where everyone plays

A World Where Everyone Plays by Bernadette Ashby – Book Review

The Simply Music message is simple: We want the whole world to know that they are “musical”. And what better way to share that message than through stories. Stories about: A blind person’s journey in becoming a Simply Music teacher An autistic child’s ability to…