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Devil’s Trill by Gerald Elias – Book Review

Written by Teri Davis on

“Perhaps the power of music is greatest because it is temporal rather than spatial, meaning that once it is heard it is gone forever.” In the novel Devil’s Trill, it is obvious that many musicians do not easily blend into society….

The Music Lesson – Review

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Anyone who knows of Victor Wooten would have to put him in their list of greatest bass guitarists of all time. As a bass player myself, I regularly find myself dumbfounded by musical feats I have absolutely no idea how…

A Late Quartet – Book Review

Written by Mary E. Robertson on

An outstanding ensemble cast and the overriding theme of passion, both musical and romantic, make this movie a captivating experience. The Fugue String Quartet is celebrating its 25th anniversary just as the senior member and cellist, Peter (Christopher Walken), is…

Singer Songwriter Rodriguez – Review

Written by Daniel Kielman on

The story of Detroit-born Sixto Rodriguez’s recent rise from obscurity seems the stuff that movies are made of. Aptly so; the 2012 Academy Award-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man chronicled his rebirth from forgotten 1970s folk-rock musician to beloved icon…

How Music Works by David Byrne – Book Review

Written by Gordon Harvey on

Let me say from the outset that David Byrne is one of my all-time heroes. I may not have pursued music at all without the revelations that were Remain in Light and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. From his early career…