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Repurposed Pianos

A Repurposed Piano Can Make Art, Furniture & More

The other day, Leon, Neil Moore’s son and my coworker, shared this super cool image of an old repurposed piano in our office chat [We use a software called Slack to communicate across the Simply Music Team]. And it totally inspired me!! This image, plus…

Book Review – The Usborne Classical Music Sticker Book

Simply Music lessons with a teacher or online are a wonderful way to begin a lifelong relationship with music, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Rachel Geans has discovered “The Usborne Classical Music Sticker Book”, a delightful, multi-sensory experience you can use as…

Learn Four Chord Songs

I remember hiring a car on a holiday a few years ago. We could only tune the radio to one station, playing popular music, and as the songs cycled by, I started to realize that maybe a third of them featured the same four chords,…