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Repurposed Pianos

A Repurposed Piano Can Make Art, Furniture & More

The other day, Leon, Neil Moore’s son and my coworker, shared this super cool image of an old repurposed piano in our office chat [We use a software called Slack to communicate across the Simply Music Team]. And it totally inspired me!! This image, plus…

The 3 Keys to Benefitting from Composing & Improvising, Part 1: The Why & How

Credit: Fabrizio Paterlini – The Art of the Piano Creating your own original music is one of the most beneficial aspects of studying an instrument and being a musician, even if you’re not especially interested in becoming a composer or a songwriter, and even if…

What Song Opens Your Memory Floodgates?

All it takes is a song. Not just any song though, THE song… The one that grabs your attention when you’ve had the radio on for hours but have to drop everything right now because it’s transported you back in time.  It might be your ‘wedding’…