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Digital vs Acoustic

You & Your Piano: Digital or Acoustic

This is the first in a series of articles designed to help you choose and care for your piano. Here at Simply Music, we’re not too precious. When it comes to your choice of instrument, many teachers will insist on beginning on a good-quality acoustic…

Lynn Kleiner – A Lifetime of Musical Beginnings

At Simply Music, we are committed to music as a whole-of-life experience, starting from birth, and even earlier. Although the focus of the Simply Music Piano program is obviously about playing the instrument, children don’t need to wait until their brains and fingers are ready…

Social Media – 10 Tips on Making Your Musical Mark

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest – is a fact of life these days, and you might be surprised how many ways it can be of value to you, even if you barely dip your toes in it yourself. For example, if your…