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The Ballads, Songs, & Vignettes (BSV) Collection [Part 3]

Found in: Miscellany & Merriment, Neil Moore

In the BSV series, each video will have a description, written by Neil–some of them are brief and some are longer. To watch the introduction read the first installment in this series “The Ballads, Songs, & Vignettes Collection [Intro]”.

Song #4: “Tear For A Friend”

This small piece touches on sadness. I like that beginning students, children in particular, have the opportunity to experience playing simple pieces that express different moods.

From a compositional perspective, once again, it’s very simple, and has no more than two notes falling together at any time. I really like this piece, I connect with it, and I love that students around the world say the same too.


Song #5: “I’ll Be There”

It’s called “I’ll Be There”. This vignette touches on purpose, contribution and friendship. When I was developing Simply Music I liked the thought of having lyrics that conveyed a message that I considered to be parent-friendly and child-positive. I would ask myself the question, “Can I communicate something that could have relevance to anybody, but be brief and simple enough for a child to understand?” I wanted it to be that if a parent chose to, they could talk about the lyrics with their child, and maybe find further value in the message.

Clearly this is a very simple song, with only two or three notes falling together at any time. It’s so easy to teach, so simple to learn, yet it has a lovely sweet melody and harmonic movement.


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