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The Ballads, Songs, & Vignettes (BSV) Collection [Intro]

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Neil Moore founded Simply Music in 1998. He has travelled throughout the entire globe spreading his “playing-based” piano teaching method and growing a community of Simply Music Piano Teachers who believe in this method and share his worldview that “everyone is musical.”

The heart of Simply Music’s curriculum consists of songs composed by Neil. Simply Music Piano Teachers are familiar with these songs—they have learned them and taught them to their students. And, though teachers may know the songs, they might not know the story behind them and how they were composed. With that in mind, Neil developed his new project, entitled “Ballads, Songs, and Vignettes” (referred to as BSV). It is a performance project highlighting some of his familiar compositions; specifically, the simple and brief Ballads, Songs, and Vignettes that are central to the Simply Music curriculum.


Watch this brief overview by Neil:


Song #1: Miles

“Here’s the first of my ‘Ballads, Songs & Vignettes’ posts. The piece is called “Miles”. It’s a vignette about being separated, by distance, from people you love.

One of the things that I love about this brief and simple piece is that there are only 2 notes being played at any time. It’s a sweet melody and one of my favorites.”


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