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The Ballads, Songs & Vignettes (BSV) Collection [Part 2]

Found in: Miscellany & Merriment, Neil Moore

In the BSV series, each video will have a description, written by Neil–some of them are brief and some are longer. To watch the introduction read the first installment in this series “The Ballads, Songs, & Vignettes Collection [Intro]


Song #2: “Sit By My Side”

Here’s the next ‘Ballads, Songs & Vignettes’ post. It’s a piece called “Sit By My Side”. This lovely, little vignette is one of many I composed thinking of my beautiful wife, Hunter – she’s been my dearest friend, and by my side for the last 18,142 days and counting!

Compositionally, it’s very uncomplicated: 4-note chords simply voiced, AABA form, and very few notes all in all. More importantly, I just love the emotional movement, its openness and patience, the sweetness of its melody, its tension and release, and its resolution. It makes me smile whenever I play it.


Song #3: “From Me To You”

Here’s my next installment from Ballads, Songs & Vignettes. It’s called “From Me To You.” It’s a moment of reflective gratitude for my Dad, Jack. He was a beautiful and extraordinary man, so very special. I so dearly loved him, and I miss him.

And thanks Destiny for your lovely, sweet and tender voice.


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