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Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get to (our favourite musicians on) Sesame Street?

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Why should the grownups have all the good music? They have obviously asked themselves that question at Sesame Street, because over the decades Big Bird, Oscar, Elmo and their friends have played host to some very fine artists indeed. Sometimes revisiting the classics (take a bow, Andrea Bocelli), sometimes breaking barriers (R.E.M. blissfully ignoring their art-rock cred), and sometimes just letting them do their natural thing (try seven full-steam minutes of Stevie Wonder at his funky best), the Sesame street team have always managed to make musical magic. Here are ten of our special favourites.

One Direction – What Makes U Useful


B.B. King – The Letter B


Alicia Keys – Dancin’


R.E.M. – Furry Happy Monsters – What I Am


Bobby McFerrin – Birdland


Stevie Wonder – Superstition


Hootie & the Blowfish – Hold My Hand


Andrea Bocelli – Lullaby to Elmo


Janelle Monae – The Power of Yet

With 45 years of musicians on Sesame Street to choose from, picking 10 was tough! If your favourite is missing, the floor is all yours in the comments section below to link us up.