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Throughout September and October, Simply Music has asked its community to collect iTunes cards and gently-used or new iPods for Music & Memory. It’s been a powerful experience to see how many people have shared our message far and wide, focussing their energy on a local nursing home by raising resources for them, reached out to our office to see how they can do more to spread the word for this amazing program and sent in donations!

Although our official drive is almost done, we will continue our quest and hope you will too. With the Holiday Season approaching, there are end of year concerts a-plenty, gifts filling festive stockings and sales galore at shopping centres. All of these are great opportunities to collect, request and save a bundle on iDevices and cards. Here are a few gems that we’ve shared, that show why we support the Music & Memory program and how we can help you do so in the future:


The man that caused an international outpouring of emotion for the way that personalised music can reconnect people with their carers and loved ones. This video, from the documentary Alive Inside, put the work of Music & Memory in the spotlight where it continues to stay and grow.



We have a dedicated webpage that lets you know what Music & Memory is, the results it achieves, a downloadable folder of materials and documents to spread the word and hold your own iPod/ iTunes drive.




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Thanks to all of you who have and continue to support Music & Memory. If you have stories to share or questions to ask, please reach out to Mel Karajas at