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Our Program

A remarkable, playing-based piano program that looks at music in a totally new and unique way.

Simply Music Piano

We present a vast and comprehensive Teacher Training Program that, in very little time, trains you to teach piano using our breakthrough methodology. We also train you in how to effectively and profitably set up a successful music teaching practice, whether you want a home-based business or a large commercial studio. This is a low cost - high value, low risk - high return opportunity that allows you to share an entirely new approach to music education with children, teens, adults and elders.

Our Teacher Training Program redefines how music is taught and who is capable of successfully teaching music. Our teachers, all of whom share a love of music and its value, include: music enthusiasts, highly advanced pianists, performing artists, recreational music makers, professional educators, studio musicians and homeschooling parents alike.

We teach you every aspect of how to get your students playing piano immediately by immersing them in the actual experience of playing. It’s not about scales, drills, boring exercises or complex theory; it’s about looking at music in an entirely new way. It’s also about your students composing, improvising, arranging and playing contemporary, classical, gospel and blues piano - immediately - from their very first lessons!

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Learn How To Teach Piano

A new era of music education.

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You will learn how to:

  • Teach all aspects of the breakthrough Simply Music Piano Method
  • Demonstrate the Simply Music Method to others
  • Run successful information events
  • Recruit students
  • Manage and set up your studio
  • Manage the relationship with students & parents
  • Retain students
  • Grow both personally and professionally
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What you get

A new way to learn & teach piano.

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We provide you with:

  • A comprehensive Teacher Training Program: video, audio and PDF materials that teach you how to recruit students and present each step of every component of the curriculum (for years of lessons)
  • Simplified studio-management and record-keeping materials
  • Templates for marketing (business cards, stationery, flyers and more)
  • A vast, searchable knowledge database
  • Representation on our online global teacher Locator Map
  • Access to and connection with our international teacher community
  • A library of studio, business, curriculum and educator support materials
  • Ongoing teacher support and more
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What is Simply Music Piano

A revolutionary approach to piano lessons.

Simply Music Piano redefines how music is taught & learned.

We are an international music education institution and a global leader in playing-based learning. We offer an online Teacher Training Program for those wanting to teach our method of playing piano. Our Teacher Training Program reinvents how music is taught and who is capable of teaching music.

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Want to be a Simply Music Student?

If you are somebody who has always wanted to play piano but believe that you’re not musical or tried piano lessons in the past and failed (for whatever you think the reason was)... if you think that in order to play piano you had to learn when you were young or even if you thought that learning to play piano was hard and that it takes a long time, then this program is absolutely, definitely perfect for you!

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Are there no Simply Music Teachers in your area?
Would you prefer to learn on your own?
Consider our effective, low cost, Learn-at-Home Program.

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