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Mike Motley

Concord, NC, United States
Licensed Teacher



BlueBird Productions





Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students
  • I provide lessons for students with special needs

Hello, My name is Mike Motley. I am the founder and owner of BlueBird Productions Piano Studio in Concord, Nc.

Most of my experience in playing music came from 25 years of leading worship in church. My musical strengths are related to what I did in church worship. How I learned to play piano is very similar to how we teach the Simply Music Program. A playing-based, delayed-reading program. Learning chords, basic theory, inversions, voicings, rhythm, improvisation, scales etc. and simply learning to play songs from the beginning was instrumental to my desire to want to keep progressing and growing.

I’m a father of 5 kids (one adopted from Ukraine and one special needs) which is my highest calling. I’ve worked in orphan care ministry for many years and served as a pediatric nurse tech for several years!

I look forward to serving you and your family in a way that stirs inspiration and love for music and life!