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Marty Simmons

Olathe, KS, United States
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Phone+1 913-486-3413

Olathe, Kansas


My name is Marty Simmons and I teach a revolutionary breakthrough piano method called SIMPLY MUSIC. Simply Music is what we call a “playing based” approach. This approach has students of all ages learning to play the piano immediately from the very beginning! Additionally, it allows students the opportunity to explore their own musicality by composing, transposing, and improvising their own music.

In this approach, we delay the reading process which is different from “traditional” methods. In traditional lessons, they start from the very beginning trying to teach students to read music and play what is written. It is often too much to comprehend and most students end up either quitting or taking lessons for years with very little results. It is like telling a baby that they have to learn to read before they can speak! That is a very unnatural learning process.

With Simply Music, what we do is teach you to PLAY from the beginning by showing you the patterns that exist in ALL MUSIC. We teach you how to play those patterns while you learn great sounding songs – ballads, classical, jazz, blues, gospel, accompaniments! Because we are not tied to the confines of the written page, Simply Music students on the average learn about a new song per week! Once you have 30 to 40 songs under your belt, we begin the reading process, first with reading rhythms, then with reading notes through an intervallic approach, all while continuing to learn more great sounding songs with the “playing based” approach. Simply Music students learn to read much quicker because they already know how to PLAY and will experience not only rapid learning absorption, but also a sense of accomplishment at the amount of information they have learned over such a short amount of time. With Simply Music, students learn the same skill set as traditional students, but with a much higher success rate and a much higher satisfaction rate!

One of Simply Music’s main goals is to “debunk” the social myth that someone has to be BORN with a talent to play the piano. There is a natural musicality that we all possess and EVERYONE has it, therefore EVERYONE can learn to play!

I am located south of 159th street in Olathe, KS, between Ridgeview Rd. and Mur-Len. I have been teaching Simply Music for 11 years, and teach adults, teens and children (starting at age 8) in my in-home studio. For monthly tuition prices and lesson day/time availability, please contact me at (913) 486-3413 or at ezfunpiano@gmail.com.