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Soulful Grace (Amazing Grace), Part Two

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Hello again! This is part two in the Soulful Grace series. If you read my first Soulful Grace article in the previous issue of The Playground and spent some time learning the arrangement I presented there, you’ll have a good solid foundation for implementing the changes I’m presenting here.

In this version of Soulful Grace, I’m adding some additional bass notes. That’s all! So there’s no new learning for the right hand. Only a few extra notes for the left hand. Even so, the addition of these notes brings the piece to a whole new level of sophistication. So let’s begin!

This is a song with four 4-measure phrases. The additional bass notes come at the end of the first phrase, in the first two measures of the second phrase, and at the end of the third phrase. In the lead sheet you see below, my notations for these bass notes are in parentheses and are slightly smaller than the chord symbols. I’ve put a slash in front of each one in order to be clear about the fact that a new bass note, not a new chord, is what’s being indicated. For instance, the /G in parentheses at the end of the first line is essentially indicating that the chord to be played here is a split chord – a C/G (“C over G”).

  • Soulful Grace #2 lead shee
  • Click here for a recording of this version

Again, I’ve left out that nice F- chord on beat 3 of measure 15 – the one that Neil shows us in the variation at the end of Level 2. I’ve left this chord out because it will have to be eliminated in order to accommodate a special ending for Soulful Grace that I’ll share with you in subsequent issues. However, if you’d like to play that F- chord with this version, it’s perfectly fine to do so. Feel free to add the F- chord in for now. (A lovely addition to that chord is the 6th, which simply requires that you either add a D on top or replace the C with a D.)

I hope you’ll enjoy this version of Soulful Grace. ‘Til next time, I’m wishing you happy music making!