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Testing, Testing. Our Secret (now not so secret) iTunes/ iPod Drive & Exciting News to Share

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In our most stealthiest of modes, the month of July saw 7 Simply Music teachers conduct an iPod/iTunes drive with the aim of not only collecting iTunes cards and iPods for Music & Memory, but also learning how we can inspire and resource people to do this on a much larger scale. I beam with pride to say that we were successful on all fronts! In total we collected:

  • $395 in iTunes cards
  • $50 cash (to buy a new iPod Shuffle)
  • 6 iPods
  • 1 iPad

I asked each of our ‘test drivers’ why they loved the Music & Memory program, why they were excited to help with a test iPod/iTunes drive and what was the most important song for them to have on their personalised playlist. It is my pleasure to introduce you to these wonderful teachers and share with you their responses.

Tessa Buck – B Natural Creative Studios, Utah. USA.

imageStudying to become a music therapist, this project resonates with Tessa. She loves watching the real-life stories in Alive Inside that show how music can powerfully and directly make life better for memory care patients. Driven by personal experience, Tessa wishes she had known about the way music may have helped her Grandmother who had dementia in her final years.

Mara2Mara Kelland – Auckland Piano Lessons, Auckland. New Zealand

“I think it’s a great idea – helping people who are important to our society regain something of their former selves.” For Mara, it is the ‘importance’ of music that speaks volumes. She believes it is a gift that should be shared in as many forms with as many people as possible. We agree!

Unmani-photo-300x199Unmani – UnmaniMusic, Victoria. Australia

A wholehearted, consistent contributor to her community, Unmani loved the idea that this program “keeps music alive through life no matter what happens”. Why was she excited to be a test driver? “I like to contribute”. Enough said.

Amy Levine – Music In Me Piano Studio, California. USA

“Helping people connect with their loved ones” is what Amy loves most about the Music & Memory program. Being involved with our test drive meant expressing and sharing her passion for the cause with those around her who had not yet seen its benefits.

Jo Cenko – Rhythm and Tunes Piano School, South Australia.

“I love that Music and Memory assists people suffering from Alzheimer’s and cognitive challenges to re-discover their identity and connect them with their families and loved ones again. I was excited to help with the test drive because I appreciated the opportunity to be part of something that provided so much value to people. The video clip about Henry is very inspiring and communicates the incredible power of music in our lives.”

Pam Morrison – Pam’s Piano School, Ontario. Canada

A woman of few words, but enormous energy and passion, Pam said “the results speak for themselves”. She believes in the project 100% and knows that anyone who watches the Henry clip or the Alive Inside trailer will feel the same way.

Kathleen Chiu – My Musical Adventure, New South Wales. Australia

“I love that Music and Memory is bringing life & joy back to the elderly.” Whether it’s an iPod drive or not, I was very excited to help. Even more special was knowing that I could help raise the profile of the program here in Australia.


Thanks to the work of this team, we are excited to announce that during September and October, we are inviting the ENTIRE Simply Music community to collect iTunes cards and gently used and new iPods for the Music & Memory program. There will be updates via our Facebook and other social media pages as well as The Playground, so be sure to give us your ‘thumbs up’ all round to stay in the loop.