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Travelling Full Circle with Gordon Harvey

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“[Music] can cast light into the darkest corners of the heart that nothing else can reach. It can illuminate feelings we might otherwise not even know that we have. In that way, it helps us to know ourselves better, and in ways that words can’t”

– Gordon Harvey

A longtime friend and confidante of Neil Moore, as well as a key member of the Simply Music team from its beginnings, Gordon Harvey has seen a lot of change, but in a way has travelled full circle. Starting teaching as a way of making more time for music writing, then finding teaching an all-consuming passion, then getting a wake-up call that reminded him of his original vision, Gordon is now a late entrant into a serious composing and production career. The one constant, though, has been an abiding passion for music and a belief in the value of creative expression. In this conversation with Mary Kaye Ferreter, Gordon relates his experience of performing improvised electronic music, being one of Neil’s very first students, self-producing an album and more.

Check out the new album from Gordon’s band, Aquiline, here.

Gordon has also created the first title in the exciting, soon to be released, Creative Coaching Series for Simply Music. Playing in the Moment offers an inspiring, practical approach to the fear of performing.