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Welcome to another edition of The Playground. Our intention with this periodical is to provide you with updates, insights, information and education that you will find valuable, interesting and worthy of your time. Ultimately, our commitment is to support you in both developing and connecting to music in general and musicianship in particular. As you continue to progress as a student or teacher (or both!), we encourage you to draw on the support of any and all available resources. One way that we can add to your list of resources is to provide you with ways of staying connected to the Simply Music community as a whole. Our current Social Media platform, (even though we are still learning how to best take advantage of what it offers), is one way that you can keep up with what is happening within Simply Music, as well as in the world of music education as a whole.

There are several ways that you can connect with our Social Media platform, either through Twitter, FaceBook or YouTube, or our Simply Music blog and RSS feed. Even though each of these can (and will) be peppered with announcements about Simply Music, including day-to-day updates, each has a primary focus:

Our Twitter page ( will regularly provide you with up-to-date links to recent articles on music education.

Our FaceBook page ( will keep you abreast of new teachers in new locations.

Our YouTube channel ( contains video footage of students and teachers playing repertoire from the curriculum, as well as original compositions and arrangements. Expect to see lots more footage being posted in the next month or so.

Our blog (, and RSS feed, gives you access to summary information including archives from previous Playground newsletters.

We hope that you will subscribe to our various Social Media pages, and in doing so, discover that there is an abundance of valuable information for you to refer to on an ongoing basis.

Incidentally, if you have a video of yourself (or your child) playing something that you feel would be of interest to the SM Community, please feel free to send a DVD copy to our Head Office. We may feel that it is an excellent inclusion on our YouTube Channel. You might also have a great story to share that could be an excellent inclusion in one of out forthcoming Newsletters. Feel free to send in your submissions. On that note, you might even have a suggestion of what you’d like to see appearing in future editions. You can find our contact details at Please know that we welcome your input.

Keep playing!

Neil Moore
Founder & Executive Director
Simply Music International