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The Relationship Conversation for Parents

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Simply Music Founder and Executive Director Neil Moore has devoted decades to the possibility of music as a lifelong companion. He has spoken to countless parents who share this vision but are still echoing outdated mindsets that don’t encourage that wonderful relationship with musical self-expression. In this far-reaching conversation, the first in an ongoing series, he outlines a whole different viewpoint that could redesign the musical future for parents and students alike.

We recommend you take the time to listen to Neil’s passionate argument for a new relationship with music. You will also find a transcript of his conversation below.

In this chat Neil discusses:

  • the ‘child-centric’ culture of music lessons that we have inherited
  • getting clear about the roles and responsibilities of child, parent and teacher
  • the two domains – Method and Relationship
  • Simply Music’s four declared goals
  • the overriding goal – to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as a lifelong companion
  • the six components of long-term relationships
  • navigating through peaks, plateaus and valleys
  • what your child really learns when they quit
  • how the Relationship conversation can impact life even beyond music lessons
  • the Method Coach and the Life Coach