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Simply Music Student – Richie Rust

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Richie Rust is a fantastic student in a class of four teenagers. After only four years of taking Simply Music, he is currently a level 9 student and studying the Jazz supplemental materials. The class was formed shortly after one year from the dates of enrollment and has stayed together ever since. I chose Richie for Student of the Month because of his enthusiasm, talent and dependability. He always completes his assignments and is excited for more material. Our classes together are very light hearted and fun for the whole hour. I strongly feel he will find some career in music in the future.

He also has something to offer musically that’s “different” and makes him special. His point of view looks outside the box and I felt his perception is not typically covered in “Student of the Month”. You see, his preferred genre is heavy metal. He has comprised a medley of SM songs on the guitar and drums, along with a self-made piano composition video. Listen to the playlist, which includes some classical pieces inside the ripping distortion of his guitar. Listen for the active drums moving the medley along. Compare this to video composition and think about how the music moves with the piano in the 2 minute piece.