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Simply Music Student – Madison Abrams

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GEDC0362Madison Abrams is a multi-talented, 10 year old, Simply Music Piano student taking lessons through her home-school co-op in Waterford, Michigan. Madison excels in many areas of playing the piano but her specialty is at composing and accompaniment pieces. Her first composition, “Seasons”, was written with lyrics even before her first piano lesson. She has since written two more incredible compositions in less than a years time, along with keeping her playlist of 50+ songs alive. Madison’s favorite songs to play from the Simply Music piano curriculum so far have been the classical pieces, especially Beethoven’s Fur Elise. There hasn’t been one area of the curriculum that Madison has struggled with and she is always wanting more. She and her family are thankful that they were able to learn about Simply Music when their home-school co-op, Hometeam – a ministry of Faith Church in Waterford, MI, brought in a certified teacher to offer classes to their group. They, along with other home-schooling families in the area, may not have otherwise heard about this revolutionary piano method. Madison is a fabulous example of how fun & easy learning to play the piano is with Simply Music lessons.

Madison is able to achieve her goals with music and piano, all while being an amazing big sister to her brothers Timothy II and Titus, an exemplary home-school student, a highly gifted gymnast, as well as an excellent swimmer in which she is very close to making the swim team. Because of her parents, Kina & Timothy, maintaining a stable & non-overwhelming schedule, Madison is a well grounded girl who is able to go after what she wants for herself.  This has been especially challenging for her parents lately, though, because of various challenges. They have been working through house issues that have caused them to have to relocate multiple times. They have also been needed to care for relatives out of state and then were faced with the death of Kina’s beloved grandmother. However, Kina & Timothy have still been able to maintain a sense of ‘normalcy’ for their children throughout these challenges, allowing their children to stay involved in the things they enjoy. The dedication and support of these two, to their children as well as to other family members and friends, is truly inspirational. Madison and her brothers are such kind and talented children (as the newest Abrams, expected in January 2014, is sure to be also) because of the two fantastic role-models they have as parents.