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Jazz Educator Steve Sedergreen Interview with Gordon Harvey

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“Music is very very old. The rules of music are very young”. The Jazz world is full of textbooks and how-to guides that use theory as the setting for learning jazz – an approach that seems at odds with the instinctive way jazz musicians actually play. Steve Sedergreen is well-known across Australia and internationally as a highly regarded jazz pianist, but equally well-known as a music educator, with a gift for making jazz accessible to people with no background in the field. He has just released a book, “Start Playing Jazz Piano Now!” which is less about rules and more about giving yourself permission to explore. His approach seems to fit well with the way Simply Music works, and is a great pathway for someone who wants to explore the world of chords and improvisation. We spoke with Steve about playing from the heart. The interview concludes with an excerpt from Steve and Mal Sedergreen’s band Mistaken Identity playing his composition “Musician and Chef”.
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