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Simply Music Teacher – Kerry Verdon

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“To me, everybody has a child within them, regardless of the age they are”.

Despite her limited musical background, the always positive Kerry Verdon has found a home in music teaching, and it’s a truly nurturing home in a huge variety of ways. As well as teaching Simply Music Piano, Play-a-Story and Simply Music Rhapsody herself, Kerry runs two studios that also include other instrumental teaching. She is also a great supporter of the Simply Music Teachers, organizing conferences and “playshops” and  other events for our Teachers and generally being a central figure in the active Melbourne community. She also worked for Simply Music for nine years doing just about every task we could load her up with.

Her latest project is the especially exciting one of helping Jonathon Welch develop his wonderful School of Hard Knocks Institute, donating her time to teaching music to disadvantaged people under the banner Keys to Success. She speaks here with Unmani about what it’s like to make a difference in the lives of those who wouldn’t otherwise have this opportunity.

Listen to Unmani speak with Kerry Verdon