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Simply Music Student – Freddie Loeffler

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Freddie Loeffler loves playing the piano, and it’s evident whenever one has the chance to listen to him play. He can play for hours at a time at home, according to his mother. Although 15-yr-old Freddie took a couple of years of traditional lessons in the past, most of his learning came from messing around on the piano on his own, until he began taking Simply Music lessons in 7th grade. Preferring to play by ear, Freddie could play quite well when he began his lessons, but did not have the ability to read music. Freddie is now in Level  7 and half way through the Time for More Music program, and making great progress on his reading skills. Simply Music has been a great match for him because it encourages the natural creativity that is so vibrant in Freddie, while at the same time helping him develop skills in other areas of musicianship.

Although Freddie loves all music and doesn’t have a favorite genre, he especially shines in the jazz arena with his amazing ability to improvise. Last year, while a Freshman in high school, a senior invited Freddie to play in a small jazz combo. Watch a video clip of Freddie’s solo improvisation with this group at a Jazz in the Park concert last spring. I am always inspired by Freddie’s compositions as well. Enjoy listening to 2 of Freddie’s compositions: Freddie’s Boogie and Till Time Ends.