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Recycled Records are the New Home Furnishings

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Do you think Emile Berliner would be happy with the future of his 1889 creation, the ‘lateral-cut disc record’? Its history has been a journey through size, shape, color and trend, and in this digital age of downloads and MP3 players, many wonder if there is still a place for vinyl. For traditionalists, records are still the only way to listen to their favourite music. For others, they are an inconvenience taking up cupboard space in an ever-shrinking world. Wherever you are on the spectrum of these opposites, your records can still be a thing of beauty… just in a different way.

Want to show your records how much you still care (and possibly give them more attention than ever)? Take a look at this collection of ideas and see how they might liven up a living space or even be the new way you carry your music player.


Wall clock





Wine Rack






Coffee Table






Wall Art



Lamp stand

Whether you love these ideas for recycled records or couldn’t possibly bear to do this to your beloved vinyl, be sure to share your thoughts or suggestions in the section below!