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Polly Watkins Interview on ‘Dr Sarmast’s Music School’ with Gordon Harvey

Found in: Neil Moore

A sad marker of Afghanistan’s tragic history is that for decades music has been suppressed and even, until recently, almost completely banned. But then, after the overthrow of the Taliban, Melbourne-based music professor Dr Ahmad Sarmast braved combat zone conditions to return to his native country to found its first new music school in 30 years. Struggling with no instruments, no curriculum, and a dilapidated campus, Dr Sarmast built his vision into a thriving institution making a real contribution, and brought along some of Kabul’s most disadvantaged children. This inspiring story has been beautifully documented in the film ‘Dr Sarmast’s Music School’. Gordon Harvey spoke to its writer/director Polly Watkins about the struggles and triumphs of reinventing a music culture in a land where it can contribute so much.

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