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A Conversation with Laura Hassler, Founder & Director of Musicians Without Borders

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Laura Hassler - Founder & Director of Musicians Without Borders

A rock school is a great endeavour anywhere, but in Mitrovica, Kosovo, split by war into two ethnic groups, it has a special dimension. Young people from both sides ignore those divisions and come together in music camps to share the most universal language of all. This is just one of the projects launched by Musicians Without Borders, founded by the passionate and articulate Laura Hassler. In this conversation with Robin Keehn, Laura explains how she combined her background in the peace movement with her love of music in a unique, powerful way, and has assembled a committed group of facilitators helping to build bridges in some of the most damaged places on the planet. Her belief in the power of music to heal differences is inspiring, and some of the projects the organisation has created in places like Rwanda, Palestine and Northern Ireland are truly extraordinary.