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Music Quizzes – Who Said Time Wasters Aren’t Educational?!

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SMI_Blog_Illustrations-10We have all been there, scrolling on Facebook and a quiz comes up “Which US President Are You” (which is more than pointless for anyone outside the USA!) or “What Fashion Decade Do You Belong To?”, of which my personal belief is that denim on denim knows no decade!

Of course they are rigged and completely pointless, but I will admit I’m a total sucker for these time wasting, music quizzes!

For all you procrastinators, and I know you’re out there not admitting it to anyone, we have compiled a list of 10 musical, and therefore most educational, quizzes. And while I’m at it, I’ll give you my answers. Enjoy!

1. Pop Music Quiz

– I am a total Novice with only 751 points.

2. What Song Describes Your Life

– “The Show” by Lenka (I didn’t know the name of this song before doing this test. See, it’s educational!)

3. Broadway Musical Quiz

– 5/12. Definitely need to brush up on my Musical Theatre songs!

4. If you’re game… What Musical Age Are You?

– I’m mildly offended that my musical age is 35!

5. For all the Elvis fans… What’s Your Elvis Anthem?

– Can’t Help Falling in Love.

6. If you’re feeling festive! So You Think You Know Your Christmas Carol Lyrics?

– I will hang my head and admit I only got 9 of these right!

7. How much of a Tay Tay fan are you? How Well Do You Know Taylor Swift Lyrics?

– 10/10 for me here. She’s got some catchy lyrics!

8. For all the fans of Jazz music. This one really is educational! Jazz Quiz

– I got 6/10!

9. How well do you know your Classical music trivia?

– As someone who has a degree in Classical Voice, I am completely ashamed to admit that I got a meagher 7/20 on this one.

10. And for a little nostalgia. What was the #1 Song The Day You Were Born?

– Doing the Aussies proud the day I was born. Our Olivia Newton-John’s Physical, was numero uno!

If you know any good quizzes don’t forget to post them in the comments below.

I hope I haven’t wasted too much of your day!