Music and The Art of Long-Term Relationships, a book by Neil Moore

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Beyond the breakthrough nature of our methodology, another unique feature of the Simply Music Program is its deep concern with the nature of learning itself – the behavioral aspects of the way we learn. Many people – teachers, students and parents – have told us of the often profound personal impact of some of the distinctions within the training and the learning experience, often resonating beyond music and into their daily lives. Neil’s perspective around long-term relationships has had some of the biggest impacts on the Simply Music Community.

Music and The Art of Long-Term Relationships

Neil Moore, the founder of Simply Music and the developer of those unique perspectives, has long dreamed of making them available for anyone inside and outside the Simply Music Community.

The book, “Music and The Art of Long-Term Relationships”, presents critical insights that shed new light on our understanding of what it takes to ‘stick with it’ and flourish in music lessons. In fact, these insights are central to sticking at anything—a marriage, vocation or career—any long-term relationship at all.

We’re excited to let you know that the first of these books, ‘Music and the Art of Long-Term Relationships, is now available in the form of a FREE download! We hope it makes a contribution!

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  • Brian Higginbotham

    Neil Moore, you make me cry. I love your method. I love your generosity. I love your vision. I love the book, A World Where Everyone Plays, and I expect to love this book, too. Thank you for gifting it. God bless you!