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Learn Jingle Bells the Simply Music Way

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Christmas time has traditionally always been a time for the gathering of loved ones and the playing of music. I felt it would be great to have a collection of carols that anyone in the family could pick up and play, even if they only knew three chords!

I have been a Simply Music teacher in Sydney, Australia since 2003 and “Songs for Christmas” came about from my desire to provide access to well known Christmas carols early on in the Simply Music journey. By arranging the songs around the chords C, F and G, I found it was possible to gain access to many well loved carols. So here is the first one for you to play this Christmas… Jingle Bells!

Version One:

We use the basic ratio principle, 1:2 and chords C F and G.

Simple – Sheet Music


Version Two:

This has a slightly more complex arrangement, but we have provided an audio explanation of how to play. For those of you who have reached Level 3 and learnt “She’ll be Coming ‘round the Mountain” this arrangement uses a similar accompaniment style.
Variation – Sheet Music

I hope you enjoy playing these arrangements, especially the Jingle Bells Blues, and if you wish to play more Carols in this style, ask your teacher about “Songs for Christmas”.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!