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Improvisation Trainer Kat Koppett Interview with Mark Meritt

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th“It’s not a metaphor – it’s actually literally what we do all the time, this conversation, we’re improvising”.

Kat Koppett lowered the curtain on a classical singing career when she discovered the joys of improvisation. Since then, besides founding the wonderful Spontaneous Broadway, she has developed “applied improv” in the corporate world, training people to use creativity in their work, an increasingly valued skill in the 21st century. In this conversation with Mark Meritt she shows how creativity is a gift we all not only possess but use all the time, which, if we are aware enough of it, can deeply enrich our lives.

Kat shares the secret of “yes, and” versus “yes, but”, and the value of celebrating failure. And at the end of this quite extensive but rewarding interview Mark accompanies Kat on a (inexpertly recorded but enthusiastically delivered) totally unscripted Spontaneous Broadway improv on the vital Simply Music concept of the Long-Term Relationship.