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Keeping Up With the Joneses

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Joanne and Scott JonesDespite being mother and son,  Joanne and Scott Jones could hardly have taken more different musical paths. And yet Joanne’s strictly traditional, reading-based background and Scott’s eclectic, self-taught journey both led them into Simply Music teaching, one via classical music and choir accompaniment and the other via blues, jazz and popular music and leading bands in various parts of the world. In this conversation they share with Mel Karajas (and each other) some of the personal revelations that have emerged from their Simply Music teaching, including how you can still love your job after many years and multiple moves. Joanne also shares her experience of being one of Australia’s most respected mentors in the teaching community, while Scott describes his amazing high-tech online teaching facility and how his new career can substitute for his former life as a traveling performer.



Plus, with the help of Dad and Grandma, five-year-old CJ is on his way towards continuing the family tradition.