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Use Your Power of Creativity for Good! 8 Fun Ways to Raise Awareness, iPods & iTunes for Music & Memory.

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627307Music has always been such a huge part of my life – there are some songs which can instantly transport me to different places in time, invoke memories, stir up feelings that sometimes have languished between hearings. My playlist might include songs like:

  • Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art (my favourite hymns)
  • The Teddy Bears’ Picnic (first song I ever sang in public)
  • Oh Happy Day – Bebe Winans
  • The Winner Takes it All – Abba (don’t ask!)
  • Along the Road to Gundagai – Slim Dusty
  • Flame Trees – Cold Chisel
  • Way Over Yonder – Carole King

Along with many, many other songs that for one reason or another have a great deal of meaning to me!

During September and October, Simply Music will be collecting loads of gently used iPods (or any other ‘i’ device that syncs with iTunes) and iTunes cards for Music & Memory , to allow carers to create the playlists that mean something to each individual listener. We can help by promoting Music & Memory among our friends and family, students, and the broader community and making opportunities for people to donate!

Here are a few ideas to help raise awareness – you may have some of your own and we’d love to hear them.

1. Talk to your friends & family

Talk to your family about the music that means something special to you – make a playlist and let them know why it is important to you. You may not always be in a position to tell them what you want to hear!

2. Are you an op-shopper/garage sale frequenter?

Keep an eye out for working devices that you might be able to pick up reasonably and donate! Let the seller know why you are picking it up, they might surprise you with a further discount?


3. Have a house concert!

Love live music, but don’t play? Invite local musicians who might share a passion for Music & Memory and like the idea of playing for the cause. House concerts are really gaining popularity – they’re such a great way to share music with your family and friends! To make your house concert a success:

  • Make the entry contribution a gently used iPod or unused iTunes card
  • Ensure your audience knows it’s a real concert and not just a ‘party’
  • Provide some snacks (nothing too complicated)
  • Give a little spiel about Music & Memory at the beginning and have a box in which to place the donated cards/devices – doesn’t need to be long or complicated (2 minutes tops!)
  • Set your room up as a concert – musicians in front, chairs for everyone
  • Thank everyone for coming (this is really important)
  • Have some flyers or postcards with information on Music & Memory so people find out more
  • Click here, scroll down and hit the ‘Organize a Drive’ button to download a promotional wonderland of material

4. Are you a regular gigging musician?

  • Introduce your audience to the Music & Memory program and let them know they can support your quest by donating devices and cards at your gigs
  • Add the Music & Memory logo to your posters and advertising material – let people know they can donate at your gigs!
  • Add a link to Music & Memory on your website. I’ve now made all my house concerts a place where people can donate devices and iTunes cards 😉
  • Have some Music & Memory promotional material to hand out at gigs or place on your merch table
  • Doing a radio or other media interview? Give Music & Memory a plug during September and October and mention that you will accept donations at your gigs

Less Bottom Half

5. A school or studio drive!

  • Teachers can ask students to research playlists of music for their parents or grandparents and share those playlists with the class
  • Share the lists on your studio or school FaceBook page or website and continually update to keep up interest – include a link to the Music & Memory website

6. Do you participate in Scouts, Guides or another social, sporting or community group?

  • Is there a community service or citizenship badge you could earn for raising awareness of and collecting used devices or cards for Music & Memory?
  • Make Music & Memory your ‘organisation of the month’ in September and October (or anytime!) for social club giving or focussed attention

7. Hold a music trivia night

  • Guess this song and artist
  • Make the entry fee an iTunes card or iPod (or cash that can be used to purchase items for donation)
  • Ask local retailers to donate prizes.

8. Have everything you need?

  • Instead of birthday/wedding/other occasion gifts – ask for iTunes cards to donate to Music & Memory

There are lots of ways you can help and these are just a few – leave a comment below with further ideas you might have!

If you have any questions, Mel Karajas is extremely happy to help with answers! Contact her directly at