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Installation Artist Luke Jerram Interview with Leanne Van Heerwaarden

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As a visual artist, Luke Jerram might appear to be an unlikely candidate for a discussion about music, but it turns out music and sound are favourite media for many of his sculpture projects and art installations. His work Aeolus is a striking blend of visual beauty and eerie wind-driven drones, and his Sky Orchestra is an amazing touring event which supplies music to sleeping citizens from flotillas of hot-air balloons. But we were especially interested to talk with him about Play Me, I’m Yours, his project bringing pianos en masse to public locations – street corners, parks, train stations, galleries and more – in selected cities around the world, allowing anyone to play and enjoy. In this interview, he shares stories with Leanne van Heerwaarden about the way this project has reached millions of people and changed lives.

You can also learn more about Luke and some of his other works at his website.