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Songwriter Geoffrey Williams Interview with Gordon Harvey

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Geoffrey Williams grew up with the soul music of the 60’s, singing around the house and dreaming of being signed to the Atlantic label like his idols. He achieved that, and a whole lot more, including performing at major venues worldwide and writing songs for the likes of Michael Jackson and Dusty Springfield. So what brought him from all that across the world to the little community of Daylesford in rural Victoria, Australia? In part it was the prospect of raising a family with his Australian partner, a Simply Music Piano Teacher, and in part it was discovering the love of teaching. As he puts it,”Being a teacher, you’re still on stage”.

In this conversation with Gordon Harvey, Geoffrey discusses the strange phenomenon of Synaesthesia, shares some surprising tips for the beginning songwriter and explains his clever Short Song on the Fly project, even creating an exclusive Short Song “Peaks, Valleys, Plateaus”