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2013 Has Been an Exciting, Musical Year

Found in: Neil Moore

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11.22.45 amThe ending of another exciting musical year coincides with the milestone of the 20th issue of The Playground.

Our newsletter/blog was designed as a vehicle for the sharing of musical knowledge and a way to grow a community of likeminded musicians and music lovers.  Since its launch over three years ago, we’ve covered a lot of territory.  Students of the Month have metalised and remixed.  Music Project has explored everything from I Dreamed a Dream to Rihanna and Beethoven’s 5th.  Talk Music has featured a Grammy NomineeGolden Globe Winner and Australian of the Year.  Songwriter’s World has provided budding tunesmiths with resources like releasing your songsbranding yourself as a musician and working with other musicians.  We want The Playground to continue to grow as a resource, and we welcome your suggestions for further content.

Most of the articles have been sourced from the incredible pool of talent that is our Simply Music Teachers, and I thank them for their generosity in sharing their knowledge, experience and precious time.  One of the great positives about music in general and the Simply Music teaching community in particular, is that it’s such a mutually supportive, nurturing environment.

We see The Playground as one humble entry into the ever-expanding online music community.  Most of the major developments in music in the past few years have been in the digital arena, some of them controversial but many of them offering hopeful signs of greater accessibility and possibility.  I look back at the days of my youth and see that so much more is available to me today; there is more music available and more ways to access it, play it, learn it and share it than ever before.  In many ways, I miss the days of saving up to buy a new album by a favourite artist, bringing it home and poring over it, sharing it with friends, playing it until it was practically worn out.  Today music is shared in different ways, but in a vastly greater variety of forms, and, in my opinion, in ways that have the potential to reach far more people and create openings for them to forge unique musical experiences that we could never have dreamed of even a few years ago.

If we are to create A World Where Everyone Plays, I believe that it will only happen through the embrace of the digital world.  I’m excited about new developments around the corner and I hope you can join us in exploring and helping shape the future of music.
I wish you all a safe, peaceful and happy end to the year, and look forward to sharing in the rich world of music with you in 2014.