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I’m excited about this forthcoming year. It’s shaping up to be like no other.

A couple of weeks ago, the entire Simply Music staff, from Australia and the USA, gathered in Sacramento, locked ourselves away for the best part of a week, and undertook a collective effort to create the next 3 years. It was an extraordinary week, filled with non-stop, one-on-one, team and entire group meetings.  We looked at everything we could, and had outstanding input from everybody. It was a fabulous experience!

We began by reflecting for a moment on the fact that we have spent the last 2 years redesigning the Simply Music infrastructure, expanding the team of committed employees, developing and introducing an array of entirely new programs, as well as releasing many additional support programs. We collectively agreed that the last 18 months were clearly the most complex and challenging in our history.

Looking ahead, we see the waters calming somewhat, and it is exciting to begin working towards a healthy dose of smoother sailing.

Our focus for the next few years will have a different quality to it. We are looking to refine and improve, well, basically everything! Here’s an edited snapshot of how things will look in a few areas:

We are launching into a complete review of every program and curriculum component that we have ever created. Our intention is to look closely at what can be done to refine and streamline our programs, and what additional support can be provided to meaningfully improve what we have.

Our visual identity – the way we physically present ourselves in the world – is being completely redesigned and overhauled. Look out for our new websites, streamlined communications, refined graphics and improved branding and support tools.

We are bringing the organization, as well as our programs, up to speed with advancements and improvements in technology. Expect to see more and more of our programs becoming available in an entirely digital format.

In response to many requests, over many years, expect to see Simply Music become available in various countries in Europe and Asia. This is an exciting development, and one we are in full swing working towards. Please note that there are no specific announcements yet on exactly where, but our efforts to prepare and ready ourselves for this are well and truly in the works.

Several programs that have been on hold, or under development, will become available. (No sneak-peeks for now, but lots of good things to come!!).

We are investing more of our resources into the outreach and support of our teacher and student communities, and many of the suggestions that we have received over the last few years will be woven into the fabric of the organization. We’re looking at how we generally make things more simple and easy for you.

We will be expanding our philanthropic endeavors and developing our ability to contribute music, to the broader community, in new and exciting ways (more to come on this very soon!!).

And, needless to say, as we continue to grow, we continue to expand our wonderful community and talented team of staff, associates and educators. In support of this, we will be providing new opportunities for the community to gather, learn together and connect.

Certainly, the next few years are crucial to consolidating our vision, and to creating the foundation that will allow us to make a greater, global contribution. Yes, the future is shaping up to be like no other!


Neil Moore
Founder and Executive Director
Simply Music Institute of Learning and Education