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Hi all,

2011 is shaping up to be an extraordinary year. Here’s an edited snapshot of some of what is going on:

So far, we have seen the release of ‘A World Where Everyone Plays’, Bernadette Ashby’s compilation of stories that focus on the impact of Simply Music.

We have also made great progress on Elizabeth Gaikwad’s Children’s Accompaniment program (we expect a release of this to be in the immediate future).

We continue to make excellent progress with the ‘Play-a-Story’ program, Lyndel Kennedy’s creative improvisational program for 4 and 5 year olds.

We also have made outstanding headway in creating a translation of the method to accordion. (Incidentally, if you missed my video-blog showing what happened after a few minutes of learning accordion, then check it out here:


We have begun filming Teacher Training Materials for our new ‘Breakthrough Technique’ program, featuring the cutting-edge work of Nancy Reese.

We are currently producing a documentary about Simply Music, and our first film-shoots take place in Los Angeles later this month.

In addition to a complete rebuild, from the ground up, of all Simply Music administrative and technological systems, we continue to make progress on the development of state-of-the-art Teacher Websites. These should be ready for beta testing in the next 60-days or so.

The development of our philanthropic endeavor, The Simply Music Foundation, is now underway, and we look forward to exploring ways and means of contributing to individuals and communities that would otherwise have no access to music education. (Look for more on this over the next few months when the website is launched).

Finally, there are several other major opportunities that are coming to fruition, however, it is a little too soon to talk about these. For now, just know that we have a fantastic team of people on board who are as passionate about the role they play in contributing musical self-expression to people’s lives.

As we enter a new era in music education, I am excited about the role that Simply Music has to play. And, as always, we continue to grow, change, adapt and expand with every possible opportunity.

With lots more to come…

Neil Moore
Founder and Executive Director
Simply Music International