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Gretta Ziller wins 2013 APRA/TSA New Songwriter Award

Simply Music’s own Gretta Ziller (Gretta Dunn) has just received the 2013 APRA/TSA New Songwriter Award for ”She’s A River” co-written with Kalesti Butler. Listen to an excerpt of this award winning song.

Songwriting – Writing

I was asked to write a three part series on how independent musicians get their music out to the world, starting with writing then moving on to recording and finishing with releasing your song and getting it out to the world. As with anything there…

What Music Do You Love?

Why do you love music? What kind of music gets you right in the heart? We’d like to hear your thoughts on the discussion at our Facebook page.

Seasonal Selections

‘Tis the season to drag out the carols and traditional songs. But do we mindlessly mouth the well-worn words of all those all-too-familiar Christmas standards? We asked the Simply Music staff to tell us about their favorite seasonal songs, and discovered a treasure trove of…

Music That Moves You

In the last edition we talked about what music moves you as a listener. This month we’d like to know more about the music you play – what are the pieces that move you and why? Do you have a piece that you’ve always wanted…

Music That Moves You

Recently I went to a wonderful concert featuring trio Ensemble Liaison. They comprise a pianist, a cellist and a clarinettist, and for a classical group, they show an admirable sense of adventure. In the first half they collaborated with Australian jazz legend Tony Gould on…

A New Kind Of Piano

The piano’s exact birth date is lost in the haze of history. All we know is that it was invented by the Italian harpsichord maker Bartolomeo Cristofori around the year 1700. He developed his new music machine to overcome the limitations of the keyboard instruments…