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About Simply Music

About Simply Music

We’re a world-leader and pioneer in the field of playing-based music education. We’re interested in developing programs and projects that fundamentally impact populations of people. Basically, we focus on causing breakthroughs in creativity for humanity. Below you can check out our Foundational and Affiliate programs, as well as the very exciting projects that we’re immersed in! If you like what we’re up to, and resonate with the idea that music can play a new role in bringing creativity and self-expression to the world, then feel free to subscribe to our blog, follow us on social media, drop us an email and stay connected.

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Our Programs & Projects

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Simply Music Piano

This is our Foundational Program. Developed by Australian music-educator Neil Moore, who’s the Founder of Simply Music, this playing-based method of learning revolutionizes music education, and has students of all ages playing contemporary, classical, accompaniment and blues piano, from their very first lessons – literally! Simply Music Piano is now available to educators and students all over the world.

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Simply Music Online

For those students who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to learn with an educator, or for those who prefer to learn on their own without the support of a teacher or coach, this online, ‘Learn Piano at Home’ program gives you a taste of the Simply Music Piano method, quickly gets you up and running, and will immediately have you playing a repertoire of 20 or so ballads, classical, accompaniment and blues pieces.

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Simply Music Gateway

In partnership with Karen Nisenson, a world leader in Special Needs education, we’ve created a brilliant Adaptive Piano Curriculum for children with any special needs – including sensory processing disorders and Autism spectrum.We think we can make an extraordinary global impact with this project, and we’re epically excited about making this program available to every special needs family in the world.

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Pianoˣ Challenge

We’ve partnered with Heroˣ, the world leader in incentive challenges, and we’re offering a million dollar prize to anybody who can create a virtual piano that’s viewed and played entirely through wearable eyeglasses. We’re looking to globally transform portability and, in conjunction with our revolutionary piano education program, create a breakthrough in bringing music into the hearts and hands of populations of people throughout the world.

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Music & Memory

We’re a partner with Music & Memory, a nonprofit initiative that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly and infirm, using digital music technology. This extraordinary program vastly improves quality of life to those struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges. Our goal is to support this program in being introduced into elder care facilities throughout the world, and to make personalized therapeutic music a global standard of care throughout the health-care industry.

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Simply Music Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Check out our affiliate programs that promise an extraordinary musical experience for your child.

Music Rhapsody

Music Rhapsody

The world, more so than ever before, needs creative thinkers who inspire possibilities. The younger that children are immersed in music, the better prepared and developed their minds are to contribute to the new technological world we’re living in. The Music Rhapsody program, developed by world-renowned educator Lynn Kleiner, lays an extraordinary foundation that nourishes and nurtures the creativity and self-expression of every child. This beautiful music making program, starting from birth through age 5, is designed to transition seamlessly into the Simply Music Piano program.

Simply Music Accordion

Simply Music Accordion

The accordion remains one of the most accessible and diverse instruments in the world. Since its creation in the 1800s, it’s maintained prominence throughout South America, Europe and Asia, and was one of the most popular instruments in the USA until the1950s. In recent years, the accordion has re-gained popularity in North America. In partnership with world leading accordion manufacturer, Hohner, as well as world-champion accordionist and educator Patricia Bartell, we have translated the Simply Music Piano methodology to the accordion, and are excited to transform the education and recognition of an instrument that has such a rich and long-standing global tradition.

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