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Simply Music Student – Asha Amaranti

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Asha, aged 16, has been a student of mine for a number of years and has just started level 9, as well as completing a number of supplementary programs. He has dabbled with a broad range of styles and genres as part of the accompaniment program, as well as dipping into the SM Jazz program. Asha has performed advanced Christmas and  other songs at my end of year concert, several years running. Here is a video of Asha and his Mum, an enthusiastic vocalist to Asha’s accompaniment, performing the Jazz standard  ‘My Baby Just Cares for Me’, during lessons.

Recently, Asha has discovered a love of classical music. Drawing on the skills acquired through his Simply Music piano lessons, sometimes with the help of a program called Synthesia, along with  dedicated daily practice, Asha has successfully taught himself a number of complex classical pieces, which he has memorized entirely, and which he plays with wonderful depth and feeling.

Among these is Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody, which Asha first heard on a Tom and Jerry cartoon! He was determined to be able to play it and has indeed taught himself the piece in its entirety.

A year 11 student, Asha  has just successfully  completed the requirements for The Duke of Edinburgh Award at school, with piano as his chosen area of learning and me as his supervisor, working on two classical pieces including Moonlight Sonata.

Asha has a strong connection to Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth, where his father works. As a budding film-maker, Asha recently acted and directed a short comic film, ‘Nacho’, which he entered in the Rottnest Funniest Shorts film competition as part of the Rottnest Comedy Festival 2013. Asha’s ambition is to create movies and to perform the soundtrack himself on piano. I have every faith that he can achieve this, and perhaps even compose the soundtrack, if he sets his mind to it!