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Tami Duvall “Ms Mae”

Pulaski, TN, United States
Certified Teacher


Phone+1 219-662-1537
Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students
  • I provide lessons for students with special needs

Hi, I’m Ms Mae~~ Your local Certified Simply Music Instructor. I am a 35+ year veteran homeschooling Mom of 6 and Maemae to 6.

Because of the broad nature of homeschooling, I have taught many subjects. One of my favorites is MUSIC. I received my Simply Music license in 2008, and have taught both local and online classes, private and shared, working with students from ages 4 to 73. I have always loved teaching, and absolutely delight in preserving a child’s natural love of learning, or helping adults of any age renew theirs.

I am always searching for the best, most natural way for students to learn. With piano, my search is over. I am convinced that Simply Music is the absolute BEST!

Simply Music was not around when I began my musical studies years ago. After two different instructors and years of self-teaching, I still struggled, as most do, with the common frustrations of the traditional reading-based approach to learning to play the piano. I was completely thrilled when I found there was a better, easier, and more exciting way. Simply Music is that better way! Not only have I found success in playing but have been able to share this method with others. I have seen amazing results in student’s experience of learning with the Simply Music method.

Everyone has genius within, but not everyone finds it. My love of teaching combined with my own love of learning allows me to reach out and help others find their genius, by taking those first steps that open up doors of opportunity….

Because, the genius in all of us was once a beginner.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn BY doing them.” ~Aristotle

Music is for everyone. Come join the journey!