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Stan Munson

Gainesville, VA, United States
Certified Teacher





Musical Bones Studio, llc


Welcome. Stan believed from a third grade experience he was not musical. He was convinced this was a fact and would often say, “I don’t have a musical bone in my body.” It was through a conversation he had with Neil Moore (founder of the Simply Music program) that convinced him that he was’t just musical but profoundly musical. He started taking lessons from a Simply Music teacher in his area. Like everyone that comes into the program, he was quite impressed with the quality, the quantity, and how quick the progress was to playing great sounding music.
Seeing how this program’s approach opened the door to his life-long dream of playing the piano, Stan started thinking how others in the Cleveland OH area could expereince this program. Stan worked to become a licenced Simply Music teacher and then in the Spring of 2009, he launched Musical Bones Studio, llc. The response to the program was incredible and his studio grew to be considered one of the largest piano studios in his area.
A few years later he moved to the Northern Virginia area and relaunched his studio in the summer of 2018. His experience ranges from teaching 6 years-old all the way up to 86 years-old. He has even taught a blind student to play. He is a firm believer that EVERYONE is musical just like him.
Please contact Stan if you would like to attend a FREE Introductory Session (FIS) in order to learn more about his studio and the Simply Music program. Heck, maybe you will open your own studio one day. Let the journey begin.
Warm regards.