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Shannon Wood

Pine City, MN, United States
Certified Teacher


Phone+1 612-913-9800

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Additional services
  • I provide lessons for online students
  • I provide lessons for students with special needs

Hello!  My name is Shannon Wood, and I love being involved in music on many levels.  I have been in band or choir or music of some form all of my life.  I am active in my community, performing or directing groups often.  In addition to teaching Simply Music, I am a Licensed Public School Music Educator, Woodwinds teacher and performer, and teacher of Music Rhapsody music and movement and homeschool music, and Play-A-Story Piano.  I love showing people that anyone can enjoy music.  I love playing any instrument I can get my hands on and I love listening to just about every style of music.  I have been teaching Simply Music off and on since 2000!  I teach because I like sharing that passion with others.  Whether you’re listening, or making your own music, music is happiness to the ears, a challenge to the brain, relaxation to soul, energy to the body, and expression for the heart.  Music can be learned at any age!